Thursday, March 9, 2017


You thought I was writing "wishing you were here", didn't you?

Either way, wishing is a good thing. Unless you are wishing for something you shouldn't have like Peter in my book, "On the Edge of Wishing".  So,  lets address that first.
Wishing for someone else's spouse is not good.  Wishing for someone else's car is not good.  Or wishing for someone else's kids isn't good either.  Wishing to win the lottery isn't very productive nor is wishing for something to happen that you know isn't going to happen.  Peter does make wishes, but doesn't seem to realize he shouldn't be wishing for those things.

So what is something good to wish for?
 I always wished for my husband to be nicer to my kids. It didn't happen. I was sad and discouraged. I finally expressed this to him and he began to change.  Wishes can be good, but there needs to be action too.  

Taking action and then wishing it happens is good.  If you wish for your neighbors car, save up your money and make it happen!
If you wish for an outcome, make it happen.

Now Mary Ellen in "On the Edge of Wishing" does start to wish certain things and in a fictional story wishes do happen without action.   As her wish begins to come true, she is surprised and excited.  Cinderella had the same experience.  However cute both stories are, they are not real life.

So today..  I'm wishing you all the luck in your wishes!   Make something happen.
Read, "On the Edge of Wishing" by Danette Key for more information on WISHING.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm telling you WISHING can really get you into trouble!

The other day I was walking down the sidewalk and "wishing"  my knee wouldn't bother me so much and "bing" it stopped hurting!  I was a bit surprised and then just pushed it out of my mind blaming it on my crazy body! As I continued on.....  my left contact in my eye was really irritating me.  So I "wished" it would stop irritating me and "bing" it stopped.

What was I to think at this point?  What would you think? Lucky?  Coincidental? Brain going crazy?
Feeling a bit cocky, I began stepping to the unheard music and my swagger increased.  Oh yeah, I was pretty cool with a new knee & perfect vision.

So I walked into my house and having a bit of fun, "wished" the dishes were all done.  Then I walked into the kitchen and "bing"  they were all done!  I promise you, there were no dishes!  I know you don't believe me..... that's okay, it didn't happen to you!

So I walked into the TV room ( I call the room with the comfy chairs, huge screen TV and 10 remote controls.. the TV room).  I saw my husband watching ANOTHER war documentary and I "wished" he would disappear so I can watch my Hallmark channel. And "bing"  He disappears!!!  

Now my husband has disappeared.... No where to be found.  Man, am I in trouble with him.

I guess I should "wish" him back.  !

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

 Reflection on how dreaming & wishing impacts us

I was sitting and going over what I really wanted out of life and how I was going to make it happen. I came to a realization that as I get older dreaming & wishing are a waste of time.  When we are younger, dreaming and wishing are important because they help us plan our lives.  But if you are older and still dreaming and wishing you have missed an important step in your life.

I'm not saying dreams aren't important when we are older; I still feel that is important.  I am saying if you are wishing about something that isn't going to change, well....  maybe you need to get over it.  OR... make it happen!!!

I have done this.

So, I wanted to share my success with you.
I dream all the time about writing and submitting a book.. or two.  I have so many ideas that I want to put on paper to share with the whole world!  But how?  How do I make this happen?

I find that my job currently sucks a lot of energy out of me. I know this is  happening, and yet can't seem to NOT let that happen.  I have to admit there are days when I can barely get home and get something done at night and I don't even have children at home anymore. My job is very stressful and my energy level is reduced because of it.  Sitting at a computer writing is not the best thing after sitting at work at a computer for hours.  Thank goodness for my ipad that at least lets me type and sit on my comfy sofa.

I think the secret of success in our dreams is one tiny, tiny little thing....
Keeping our eyes and ears open for opportunities!

Yeah, I know easy for me to say. But put yourself out there and associate with other people, make yourself available for interactions.  You'd be surprised what you can learn.

Or maybe I'm just especially blessed.  Can I claim that?  I know that Jesus Christ loves me, but would he bless me in my dreams & wishes and not another?
So in summary, here are my suggestions.
1) Always dream & wish
2) Keep an eye & ear out for those dreams & wishes
3) Make yourself available
4) Find ways to make it happen.

Last, don't be impatient like me,  Reflect.  Make sure this dream or wish is what you really want.

Thanks for reading my blog, please comment below on how dreams & wishes impact you!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, its a new year and always a good time to have new wishes.....

A time to start over, a time to reflect on the last year.  

What do you wish you would have done better? More often?  Less often?

I'll start with my confessions first..

First,  I wished I would have talked to my children and grandchildren more often. More texting, more skyping or more calls.
Second, I wished I would have backed up my ipad to my PC. I had written several pages and made corrections to the current copy of my newest novel on my ipad and accidentally deleted it when I thought I was moving it!  UGH!
Third, Watched less TV.   With Scorpian as a series, not sure thats going to change in 2015. I love that show.  And  American Idol coming up.... 

What about you?   Share with me here.  
Have a good day!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Today is a "Wish Come True day!"

As I am trying slowly to get on the band wagon for writing & marketing.. I wish someone would do this for me at times!! 

It is difficult to figure out how to manage your social media and get it to do what you want. I really don't have the money to hire someone.  I also wish someone would clean my house and do my laundry when I try to figure this stuff out... because as you know... we ALL know, it takes time.  Sometimes LOTS of time. 

But how fun and exciting when you actually figure it out??

Today my wish came true and I figured out how to get my blog as a live feed on my Amazon Author page, my website & my Goodreads author page.  

Its pretty much "dream come true" stuff for me.
How about you?  What is "dream come true" stuff for you?

Have a great holiday everyone!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Today is the weekend. 
We can relax a bit and not have to jump out of bed to get to our job, unless of course you are the unlucky soul that has to work on the weekends! Sorry.
But the ability to ponder and take our time a bit & maybe even enjoy our families is what we wish for........ or is it?

Is that what you wish for?

Are you wishing for something not really good? Can our wishes get us into trouble?  In "On the Edge of Wishing", Peter, the father begins to wish some things that got him into some trouble.  He realized that he needed to be more proactive and make things happen the way he wanted and not "wish" his days away.  Even in "Aladdin" wishes were involved that could be construed as trouble making.  But Aladdin did what was right and gave Genie the last wish,  setting him free!

Of course, we don't all have our own personal Genie but we wish we did!  Hahaha.

My wishes?  I wished I had saved better so I could be in retirement right now.  There were times I was so mad at my husband in the past, I used to wish he were dead!  Sure glad that wish didn't come true!

What do you wish for that could get you into some trouble?
Share with me here and lets start a conversation! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Danette's always wishing!!

Here I go again.  Wishing and wishing.  I wonder if I overuse the word? 

I love to read and I am guessing most of you do too.  But I don't want to pick up books that have a lot of foul language.  I've made a choice that I am not going to read that in a book; I hear enough of that kind of thing all around me.  Do I need to read it too? NO!

I would love to know when I choose a book what the rating is beforehand. 

For example: 
No cuss words= 1 rating
1 cuss word=  2 rating
2 cuss words & some sex= 3 rating.
etc, you get the picture..

What about you?  How do you feel about ratings??  Share here: