Thursday, March 9, 2017


You thought I was writing "wishing you were here", didn't you?

Either way, wishing is a good thing. Unless you are wishing for something you shouldn't have like Peter in my book, "On the Edge of Wishing".  So,  lets address that first.
Wishing for someone else's spouse is not good.  Wishing for someone else's car is not good.  Or wishing for someone else's kids isn't good either.  Wishing to win the lottery isn't very productive nor is wishing for something to happen that you know isn't going to happen.  Peter does make wishes, but doesn't seem to realize he shouldn't be wishing for those things.

So what is something good to wish for?
 I always wished for my husband to be nicer to my kids. It didn't happen. I was sad and discouraged. I finally expressed this to him and he began to change.  Wishes can be good, but there needs to be action too.  

Taking action and then wishing it happens is good.  If you wish for your neighbors car, save up your money and make it happen!
If you wish for an outcome, make it happen.

Now Mary Ellen in "On the Edge of Wishing" does start to wish certain things and in a fictional story wishes do happen without action.   As her wish begins to come true, she is surprised and excited.  Cinderella had the same experience.  However cute both stories are, they are not real life.

So today..  I'm wishing you all the luck in your wishes!   Make something happen.
Read, "On the Edge of Wishing" by Danette Key for more information on WISHING.

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