Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm telling you WISHING can really get you into trouble!

The other day I was walking down the sidewalk and "wishing"  my knee wouldn't bother me so much and "bing" it stopped hurting!  I was a bit surprised and then just pushed it out of my mind blaming it on my crazy body! As I continued on.....  my left contact in my eye was really irritating me.  So I "wished" it would stop irritating me and "bing" it stopped.

What was I to think at this point?  What would you think? Lucky?  Coincidental? Brain going crazy?
Feeling a bit cocky, I began stepping to the unheard music and my swagger increased.  Oh yeah, I was pretty cool with a new knee & perfect vision.

So I walked into my house and having a bit of fun, "wished" the dishes were all done.  Then I walked into the kitchen and "bing"  they were all done!  I promise you, there were no dishes!  I know you don't believe me..... that's okay, it didn't happen to you!

So I walked into the TV room ( I call the room with the comfy chairs, huge screen TV and 10 remote controls.. the TV room).  I saw my husband watching ANOTHER war documentary and I "wished" he would disappear so I can watch my Hallmark channel. And "bing"  He disappears!!!  

Now my husband has disappeared.... No where to be found.  Man, am I in trouble with him.

I guess I should "wish" him back.  !

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  1. Hahahaha! Where did he end up going? --Kimberly (I think it's signed in as Bryce, though)