Saturday, October 25, 2014

Today is the weekend. 
We can relax a bit and not have to jump out of bed to get to our job, unless of course you are the unlucky soul that has to work on the weekends! Sorry.
But the ability to ponder and take our time a bit & maybe even enjoy our families is what we wish for........ or is it?

Is that what you wish for?

Are you wishing for something not really good? Can our wishes get us into trouble?  In "On the Edge of Wishing", Peter, the father begins to wish some things that got him into some trouble.  He realized that he needed to be more proactive and make things happen the way he wanted and not "wish" his days away.  Even in "Aladdin" wishes were involved that could be construed as trouble making.  But Aladdin did what was right and gave Genie the last wish,  setting him free!

Of course, we don't all have our own personal Genie but we wish we did!  Hahaha.

My wishes?  I wished I had saved better so I could be in retirement right now.  There were times I was so mad at my husband in the past, I used to wish he were dead!  Sure glad that wish didn't come true!

What do you wish for that could get you into some trouble?
Share with me here and lets start a conversation! 

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