Saturday, November 22, 2014

Today is a "Wish Come True day!"

As I am trying slowly to get on the band wagon for writing & marketing.. I wish someone would do this for me at times!! 

It is difficult to figure out how to manage your social media and get it to do what you want. I really don't have the money to hire someone.  I also wish someone would clean my house and do my laundry when I try to figure this stuff out... because as you know... we ALL know, it takes time.  Sometimes LOTS of time. 

But how fun and exciting when you actually figure it out??

Today my wish came true and I figured out how to get my blog as a live feed on my Amazon Author page, my website & my Goodreads author page.  

Its pretty much "dream come true" stuff for me.
How about you?  What is "dream come true" stuff for you?

Have a great holiday everyone!!!

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